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Are you Ready! 3…. 2… 1…. Blast Through! This game will keep you challenged as you navigate and shoot your way through endless space blocks. Find the "Big Bomb" and blast it for a super explosion that clears out an area and earns you multiple points! Shoot the shield or the free life blocks to go the furthest.
Blast Through is a fast paced, action pack endless space shooter, where you literally blast your way through. Shoot special blocks for max points, and earn your way to the top of the high scores screen.

TagsFuturistic, Space


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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BlastThrough.apk 29 MB
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M1R2PW1M9J1X58%2FM3TOJKTC7WC58O%2Fimages%2F_2100c0d0-5356-42b2-8e60-f97fd8261fe1_eb12a54503249561123eddefc734075d.png 590 kB
M1R2PW1M9J1X58%2FM3TOJKTC7WC58O%2Fimages%2F_ecb84b31-555f-4a7c-acad-a75f691bfe43_cb02d53f80c8032e033c8911e7987d9f.png 674 kB

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